Magic and Psionics

Magic in my campaign has been streamlined for several reasons, mostly because it becomes unnecessarily complicated otherwise. With the inclusion of Psionics and psychic abilities, as well as the increased physical abilities of the Pathfinder system, Magic need not be so restrictive. As such, the following are the house rules that apply:

  • There are no material components for virtually all spells. The only exceptions are the requirements for raise dead, resurrection, true resurrection and similar spells. Their exceptionally expensive components – such as diamonds and the like – are representative of tribute to the priest hired for the spell, or to the deity responsible for the returned soul.
  • Somatic and Verbal components of magic are still required as normal.
  • Magic and Psionics are effectively the same thing. If a creature has Spell Resistance, it also applies to Psionics. If someone nullifies psionics in an area, magic is affected as well. They are both manipulation of energy, just from different sources.


A feat created in the prior campaign was Mobius Exclusion. Though specifically written for the Machinesmith class, variations may be permitted depending on class and spell considered.

Requirements: Prototype level 2, Int 13
Benefit: Pick one prototype that you know. You make this prototype a priority, creating a gadget granting unlimited uses of that prototype per day. However, you cannot prepare or use any other prototype of your chosen prototype’s level. If it is a prototype that grants summoning effects – i.e. obscuring mist or guardian drone – you can still only create one such effect at a time, as per the description. Once they have expired, however, you can cast them again. This feat can be taken multiple times, each time applied to a different prototype and of a different level.

Magic and Psionics

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