New Asgard

Loose Ends

As the Pathfinders debated what to do with the reassembled Omega Key, Aa’rya finished her repairs of the Watchtower. She rose the starbase back into orbit, far from Loki’s reach. After several hours it was decided that Nightcrawler – himself half mortal and half immortal – would be the one to wield the powerful artifact. He did so sparingly, using all of his will and focus to channel the limitless energy. While he held the Key, he sensed what Loki had accomplished with it. Loki had expelled the gods and other celestials from Elysium, exiling them to Golarion. The heroes agreed to restore the gods to their realm, but first they had to ensure one would not stand in their way – Loki.

Thor went back to Korvosa, where after a lengthy discussion confirmed Loki and his followers would indeed leave the planet for good. Loki professed that his actions were necessary to save Asgard, and that his ends justified his means. Thor could not refute the result, and allowed Loki to leave in peace.

To further aid in the search for the banished gods, and guarantee their own safety as well, the Pathfinders sought to quickly coronate a new King of Korvosa. There was only one choice.

The next morning, a confused but grateful “Blackjack” was found in the docks of Old Korvosa. As the Senechal of the kingdom, it was his duty to assume the throne in Loki’s absence – which his humbly did. That day King Artemis I swore an oath to defend his people to the best of his ability, and restore the kingdom to his former glory. As his first act as king, his disbanded the old Order of the Nail and reestablished the Korvosan Guard. The Guard aided the Pathfinders in seeking out several of the exiled gods, who were no more than frail mortals. One by one the fallen deities were assembled, under the promise that the Order would forevermore abandon its plans to force compliance of mankind. They reluctantly agreed.

Iomedae was found hiding in her temple, once the sanctuary of Blackjack himself. Cayden Cailean celebrated his returned humanity by a day and night of revelry at the Tipsy Elf. Abadar stubbornly refused to abandon his schemes within the bank to his name, but relented when he realized he had no choice. Torag, feeling defenseless within the forges of the city, happy agreed to return. Irori, who had remained neutral throughout the Order/Alliance skirmish refused to return to Elysium. He believed the gods deserved their fate, and that they must be left to it.

When the Pathfinders tracked down Erastil, god of hunting and agriculture, they found the farm in which he had been hiding beset by a goblin horde. Batman rushed in and Hex opened fire, stemming the flow of the bestial creatures. The goblins surrounded Batman but were no match for the Dark Knight’s combat prowess, and Hex and Spectre picked off others one by one. When the goblins tore through the barricades protecting the barn, Hex sprang into action. He ran and dove through the glass window, rolling to a stop in an incredible display of skill and valor. It was a feat only matched a moment later when Batman appeared in the doorway, dispatching a swatch of stunned goblins before they could react. Their Orc commander attempted to face Batman, but was no match. Before he could retreat, however, Spectre appeared behind him and reached through the barbarians’s chest – rending his body and soul into a smoking husk.

The Pathfinders only had one more exile to find – Desna, goddess of dreams and stars. The beautiful woman had begun travelling immediately, and it took over a day to locate her again.

As they approached, a massive blue dragon descended on the former celestial. Spectre attempted to seize control of Desna to move her out of the way, but the goddess resisted the possession. Instead the dragon landed and blasted Spectre with lightning breath, vaporizing the ghost in a single blow. Batman tapped into his ninja training to approach the dragon stealthily, but not before it rose into the air – Desna in its claws. Hex opened fire, but his bullets seem to narrowly miss his query.

A moment later, Doctor Fate and Elixir arrived as reinforcements. Fate flew into the sky after the beast. Elixir, however, had another plan. Using all his focus to concentrate, he gripped into the dragon’s anatomy and caused a devastating seizure. The paralyzed dragon crashed to the ground, killing Desna in the process. Batman pulled Desna from the fallen creature, and Elixir healed the goddess and restored her to life. One by one the Pathfinders beamed back aboard the Watchtower before the dragon would awaken. The last to leave was Elixir, who took a grateful Desna with him.

With the willing deities assembled, Nightcrawler used the Omega Key to restore them to their place and power. As a final act, he also willed the Key to once more break apart and the Shards to return to their native planes. With an explosion of energy, all that was skewed on Golarion was at last rectified. The planes once more opened up. Magic returned to the realm. The gods swore peace with one another, for the time being at least. All was as it should be.

Their quest at last complete, the “Pathfinders” returned home. Batman, Fate, Hawkman and Spectre returned to their true Watchtower above Earth-One. Jonah Hex found solace once again in the saloons of the Old West. Marrow, Nightcrawler, Bruce Banner and Elixir returned to Earth-616. Thor and Volstagg returned to Asgard to notify Odin of what happened. Aa’rya remained aboard the Watchtower, vowing to keep an eye on Golarion and report back on any survivors or suspicious activity.

Far below, on the throne of Korvosa, King Artemis listened to the day’s duties and ordered decrees of his own. Once finished he excused himself with a heavy sigh, head in his hand.

“Well, THAT could have gone more smoothly,” a voice echoed from behind the throne. From the shadows slipped a vile-looking man with red skin and elven ears, rounding the front before the king. “I was beginning to have my doubts.”

Artemis sat up, not intimidated in the least. “I doubt you could do better, Azazel. Loki just needs a little… correcting from time to time, but the task was completed. The war is over. The gods are silent. Korvosa has been cleansed. Our foothold has been established.”

“And the masks?” Azazel queried as he searched the room for interlopers.

“Patience,” Artemis responded quietly with a slight grin. “All in due time. An expedition will be underway soon. The North Shore should have no resistance now. They have enough to contend with.”

”How do you mean?”

Artemis smiled once more, his eyes slanted with vile motives as a brief golden glow made them shine out in the dim light.

“Tell me,” he hissed – his voice echoing upon itself in an unnatural tone. “What do you know about Dragons?”

“Ooooooh, snap! Who didn’t see that coming, I mean really?”

”Wait, so does that mean we’ll be in the sequel?”

”Hell yeah! Campaign crashing is the name of the game.”

“So I’m wondering. Did we win? I mean, seriously. Like, I think Loki won, technically.”

”I’d say it’s a draw. Everyone’s a winner, because no one really lost. In the grand scheme of things, all loose ends were accounted for. Almost.”

”Yeah, almost. And SPEAKING of loose ends, have you seen Mystique lately?”


”I mean, no offense Kurt, but WAGNER’S MOOOOM HAS GOOOT IT GOING ON!”


”Make it stop. Just roll credits.”

”Party pooper. And, speaking of poopers—“

“Good night, everybody.”


Chris: -———- XP
Daniel: -———- XP
Jordan: -———- XP

Fate: -———- XP



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