New Asgard

Pool of Death

As the heroes made camp for the night, they heard the sound of thundering footsteps from the direction of the mountains. Immediately the party began arguing over tactics and a plan of action. As Batman and Fate conferred with one another, the still bitter Jonah Hex set off on his own. Spector pursued him into the darkness and eventually so did Groot – though he got lost in the featureless Crystal Forest nearby.

After nearly an hour of walking, Spectre and Hex froze in their tracks as it looked like the mountain before them stood up. It was no mountain.image.jpg It was a gargantuan Displacer Terrasque, a four-legged beast dozens of stories tall. It’s stone like skin crackled with dark energy and flame flickered within its eyes. Rather than run away, though to rivals decided to compete with each other over the glory of slaying the beast.

Spector flew in circles around the beasts colossal legs, trying to corrupt it’s flash or channel energy to harm it – though nothing seemed to affect it. Hex’ bullets route equally ineffective, bouncing harmlessly off the creature. Before they could develop a new plan, a whip of energy lashed out from the beast’s mouth like a dark tongue. Rather than cause damage, the lash sapped Spectre’s energy. In one below it absorb the ghost’s essence into its body, and Spectre was no more.

Out of options, Hex turned to retreat. He did not get very far. The Terrasque One step in his direction, crushing the cowboy under a living avalanche.

Left alone, Batman and Fate to as the four-legged Colossus marched over the tree line toward them. As they prepared to fight or flight, he demonic-looking man teleported nearby in a tuft of smoke. He held with him a golden-skinned ally. The strangers introduced themselves as Kurt Wagner and Joshua Foley – or Nightcrawler and Elixir, respectively. The quartet ready for action when suddenly the ground started to shake and crack. From the fissures flowed a swarm of chattering, shadow apes. The evil monkeys jumping over and clung to the heroes, who were hopeless to resist. The Terrasque fortunately passed by, but the week of its feet caused a gust of wind to knock the heroes prone. The evil monkeys and reached back and flung their feces into the wind, creating a horribly toxic Sh-tstorm!

image.jpg“Ha ha ha! See what I did there? A SH-T STORM! Oh, man, could you imagine if that as a thing? Woo. You should’ve seen your face though. Especially so close to the screen, where I could see up your nose.”

“In all actuality, Dear Reader, nothing happened.”

“Yeah, Koji didn’t show so Jordan, Chris and Dale just hung out and shot the breeze.”

“Yup. Just don’t shoot breeze with feces in it. Otherwise you could cause a…”




“Heh. Nice.”


Chris: 67,100 XP
Daniel: 70,050 XP
Jordan: 70,050 XP
Koji: 57,050

Fate: 67,100



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