New Asgard

Day Late, Dollar Short

After Scarecrow stalled their efforts to pursue, the Pathfinders fell back and made camp for the night. As they rested they head a thunderous stomping and crashing in the distance. Batman and Jonah Hex went off to investigate. Soon they discovered a colossal construct marching away from them. The construct looked like the ancient ruins, as if the mountain itself came to life an walked off. No doubt it was the work of Poison Ivy and the Omega Shard, and possibly owing to Doctor Fate’s powerful helmet.

Batman returned to inform Spectre and Fate, who together agreed to rest and recover their strength. Hex, meanwhile, rain off in an extended march across the countryside. He ran all night, eventually catching up to the construct as it set about attacking the city of Primus. Hex decided not to engage in the epic battle, making his own camp until the others rejoined him in the morning. By then the battle was over. The construct lie inert on the countryside, and Primus lie is ruins.

The heroes examined the aftermath and were surprised when the survivors thanked them for their presumed assistance. Sarenrae and her forces had attacked Gorum and his. The clash of the gods threatened to destroy the city, if not the entire plane, until the construct intervened. With her forces decimated, Sarenrae soon lost to Gorum and was destroyed. A grateful Gorum explained that Poison Ivy and her acolytes had helped stop Sarenrae’s invasion using the Omega Shard of the Mind. As they then took the shard back to Golarion, Manah was cut off. The Pathfinders would have to find their own means of leaving the plane. Fortunately, the Acolytes left Fate’s helmet behind as a parting gift.

Out of desperation, the Pathfinders reached out to the gods of Elysium – as that had worked before. As they didn’t want to cause more bloodshed, Batman assembled a shrine to the neutral Irori, god of self-discipline and knowledge. Irori would not violate his impartiality by directly aiding the heroes, but he did grant them knowledge of a spell that would bring them back to the material realm. Using the pedestal of the Mind Shard as a focus, they opened a right and left Manah. Fate kept the pedestal with him, using it as a conduit that would allow him to maintain his arcane power even with Manah closed off.

After resting and resupplying in the Watchtower, the group teleported to the Meirani Forest to speak with Queen Eviana. They arrived to find Crying Leaf nearly abandoned and in shambles. Eviana explained that the resident High Priest Urien had found a purple Omega shard – the Shard of the Beyond, or Space Shard – and offered it to Loki in return for peace and protection. Urien worked for the elite Winter Council, and swore Eviana to secrecy. When Sarenrae vanished, Urien and the Winter Council felt vulnerable and betrayed. They left Eviana to oversee the vacated Crying Leaf. Eviana went into detail about the broken Omega Key. Each shard has different powers and elements, all drawn from the universe itself. The shards are of Power, Knowledge, time, Space, Mind and Soul. The Pathfinders deduced that Loki began with the Shard of Knowledge, which he took from Doctor Doom. With it he acquired Power, Soul and Mind from the Abyss, Oblivion and Manah respectively. That just leaves Time in Elysium and Space on Golarion. The Pathfinders decided to track down the latter.

The Shard of the Beyond was given to the Serpentfolk of the Mwangi Expanse as a peace offering by Loki. The Pathfinders were convinced Loki wouldn’t honor the agreement for long, and that it was only a matter of time before his Acolytes reacquired that one as as well. They ported to Saventh-Yi ( or “Seven Spears”), the largest of the Sekh cities. They were immediately set upon by its residence, and taken to their militant leader Town Claw. The large Sekh warrior announced he knew the humans would attempt an attack and accused the Pathfinders of declaring war – which he was all too eager to grant.

Diplomacy broke down quickly. With little recourse, the Pathfinders prepared for battle.


Chris: 52,000 XP
Daniel: 52,000 XP
Jordan: 52,000 XP

Fate: 52,000 XP



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