The world of Golarion had suffered harshly under the wrath of its overlord Doctor Viktor Doom. Using the realm as his castle and forcing unyielding loyalty, he sat unopposed until heroes from other worlds arrived. These heroes, brought to Golarion as slaves and servants to Doom, escaped and slowly began to fight against the tyrant. Rallying the people as they went, they became known as the Pathfinders.

Considered outlaws by the Doom-controlled government, the Pathfinders fought to counter the dictator’s plans. They encountered demons, dark elves and monsters of every sort. Many lost their lives in the countless battles, but eventually they would win the war.

Doom planned to use the superheroes in order to activate an ancient and powerful weapon, which would give him god-like control. Summoning a mockery of the cosmic being Galactus, he coerced them into rallying together and forming the weapon – known as The Sihedron. Once formed, Doom moved to use it on the Pathfinders themselves – making him the most potent being in the realm, and opening others to his unstoppable power.

His plans were foiled when one of the Pathfinders – Natasha Stark, AKA “Iron Woman” – arrived at the last second and blasted the Sihedron from his hands. The Pathfinders turned on Doom and Galactus, defeating them both.

As the Pathfinders prepared to return to their respective home worlds, one stayed behind. Loki, self-proclaimed God of Mischief, remained in a bid to assert his own domain. The only super-powered being left in the realm, he spent weeks reforging the shattered pieces of Doom’s empire and under his own. Calling the planet New Asgard, Loki placed himself on the throne as God-King.

Eventually Loki’s brother, Thor, returned to reclaim him. He never returned. Instead Thor’s mystical hammer Mjolnir arrived somehow on the steps of Asgard itself. Attached was an obscure note:

“A gift, from New Asgard.”


Fearing the worst, and knowing Loki’s penchant for treachery, a new batch of heroes has returned to Golarion in search of the former Pathfinder. They arrive weakened, weary and in the midst of a new and dangerous realm.

New Asgard

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