Special Items

The world is filled with many powerful artifacts and items. Some are native, while others were brought in by the “Outsiders” – the Pathfinders and Acolytes. More items are continually discovered, imported and wielded as time goes on.


Mjolnir is a mystical and powerful weapon forged from the heart of a star. It was wielded by Thor Odinson of Asgard, and is said to grant its owner mastery over the elements and incredible strength. Recently the weapon was sent to Asgard, with only a note attached reading “A gift, from New Asgard.”

ITEM: Weapon
TYPE: 2H War Hammer
CLASS: Legacy Item

  • Magical Control of Weather (Druidic Magic)
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Returning (Limitless Distance)

Special Items

New Asgard Praissen