Former Pathfinders

The Pathfinders were an assortment of superheroes who decided to fight against Doctor Doom and his tyrannical rule. Though branded as criminals and outlaws by the corrupted government, the Pathfinders eventually freed the world from Doom’s regime and set about a temporary period of peace.


Superman: Kal-el was among the first Pathfinders to escape from Doom’s prison on Tartarus II – a group known as the Founding Eight. He helped the other escapees travel to and survive through the jungle island of Smuggler’s Hook. In a fight with insurgent Dark Elves, Superman somehow lifted and used Thor’s mystical hammer Mjolnir. In doing so, he vanished and reappeared half a world away – summoned by the prayer of halfling Valhalla Odincousin. Superman and Valhalla went on many adventures together before reuniting with the other Pathfinders in Magnimar City. Appointed their leader, Superman began a long and bloody campaign against Doom. He soon learned of Galactus and set off to destroy the cosmic threat as well. The final battle came in the city of Kaer Maga, where Superman and others battled Galactus alongside Doom – who convinced them that an alliance was crucial to stopping Galactus. With the aid of Iron Woman, Superman and the Pathfinders destroyed both villains.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-One

Iron Woman: One of the Pathfinders’ Founding Eight, Natasha Stark was arguably its most pivotal member of all time. She is the only member to have served in the group consistently from beginning to end. It was Stark who first triggered the prison break in Tartarus II, freeing the other heroes. With dry wit and keen intellect, she and her constructed suit became a scout and long-range fighter. Accidentally left along on the island of Smuggler’s Hook, Stark also discovered how to incorporate magic into her suit – recreating her signature repulsor beams. She managed to survive even the most deadly and dangerous adventures – though some just barely – and often had to rebuild her destroyed suit from scratch. In the end, distrusting the addition of Loki to the group, she send her empty suit in her stead and convinced the Pathfinders it was her. When she sacrificed herself to fly a bomb out of range, the heroes mourned for her passing. In reality, she remained in the Watchtower in orbit above the planet creating dozens of other suits. As the Pathfinders fought Galactus, Doom secretly prepared to destroy them all with the Sihedron – a seven-pointed artifact with god-like power. Stark arrived at the last second and blasted it from his hands. She then blasted Doom to ash, ending his threat once and for all.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-3940

Flash: One of the Founding Eight Pathfinders, Wally West had a tumultuous life since escaping with the others from Tartarus II. As the others washed ashore the isle of Smuggler’s Hook, Flash set off to explore and got attached by a massive crocodile. Presumed dead, he was buried by the others and left behind – only to be found and rescued by the Hulk later. As he was only “mostly dead,” Flash eventually recovered and adventured with Hulk for some time. He eventually met up with the others in Celwynvian, and since traveled between the two groups. In the end he helped with the raid against Drow queen Allevrah Azrinae, and after her defeat aided Superman in destroying a large crystal which empowered Galactus. Mourning what he believed was the death of friend Iron Woman, however, he returned to the orbital Watchtower as the others faced the weakened Galactus.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-One

Green Arrow: Oliver Queen had escaped from an unknown prison roughly a week prior to the arrival of the Founding Eight. He set up a make-shift home on Smuggler’s Hook until the Pathfinders arrived. Witnessing the crocodile attack on Flash, he engaged and tried to help, but killed the animal too late. He joined with the Pathfinders and remained one of their most dedicated and indispensable members for months, fighting in every adventure from Celwynvian to the forging of the Sihedron. As the Pathfinders fought several hill giants to reclaim one of the shards, however, one giant set loose a flaming, tar-covered mastodon which trampled the archer. Queen died, but was brought to the orbital space station known as The Watchtower. His body was overseen by Natasha “Iron Woman” Stark, who eventually revived him using arc technology. Reinvigorated, Arrow returned to the fight at full strength, and was the one who dealt the final blow to Galactus.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-One

Hyourinmaru: A native to Golarion, Hyourinmaru was one of the last to join the Pathfinders – though not nearly the least member. “Maru” met them in a time-warp beneath Celwynvian, seeking his master, an elder white dragon. He was a powerful frost sorcerer, and a dragon disciple. His magic often turned the tides of battle, and felled even the most daunting foes. Through all their adventures, Maru proved to be a wise and capable mage, as well as a moral center and guide. Maru was among those who faced Galactus himself, the only mage strong enough to counter the Devourer’s power. After Galactus and Doom were destroyed, it was Maru who sent the Pathfinders back to their respective worlds using his incredibly potent magic.
STATUS: Living; Location on Golarion Unknown

Loki Laufeyson: It is unknown just how, when, where or why Loki appeared in Golarion, though he claimed he was captured. He was first spotted by Dove, a prisoner of the Drow Queen Azrinae. Dove saw Loki conversing with Azrinae, though Loki explained he was feigning an alliance in order to gain her trust. Dove escaped and captured Loki, bringing him to the other Pathfinders. Though virtually no one believed Loki, nor cared to have him around, they reluctantly allowed him because Loki was intimately familiar with Azrinae’s base on the moon – known as the Moonscar. Thor watched him personally as they traveled together, using Loki’s intel to locate and defeat Azrinae. Loki then had several secret meetings with Doctor Doom, in which the tyrant promised Loki his own planet in exchange for his assistance in rebuilding the Sihedron. Loki joined in with the battle against Galactus, though didn’t truly participate. When Doom and the Sihedron were suddenly and unexpectedly destroyed by Iron Woman, Loki took up one of Doom’s one remaining properties – the Shard of Knowledge. The other Pathfinders returned home, mission accomplished, but Loki remained behind. When Thor returned to reclaim Loki, he vanished without a trace. Many suspect Loki may be up to his old tricks, and has reclaimed Golarion for himself.
STATUS: Living; Location on Golarion unknown

Thor Odinson: Thor is perhaps second only to Iron Woman as the most consistent member of the Pathfinders. He aided in the escape from Tartarus II, and was the first hero to fight in battle. He proved himself to be a formidable warrior, and was among the strongest fighters in the group. His mighty hammer Mjolnir also grew stronger in time, become devastating on the battlefield. Thor’s short temper and eagerness to fight, however, often led to close calls and near-deaths amongst the Pathfinders. When the group fought their way through the underbelly of Celwynvian, an undead devourer felled the God of Thunder. Rather than die, however, Thor’s body and soul returned to Asgard where he fell into a form of Odin-sleep. He returned some time later, jumping back into battle with the secondary group of Spider-Man, Deadpool and others. He also fought against Galactus, but was unfortunately not very successful. After Galactus’ destruction, Thor returned to Asgard – supposedly with brother, Loki, in tow – but the God of Mischief stayed behind. He returned to reclaim Loki, but has since disappeared.
STATUS: Unknown: Location on Golarion Unknown

Black Canary: Dinah Lance, like Batman, had a difficult time regaining her strength after her capture and arrival on Golarion. One of the Founding Eight, she adventured with the Pathfinders from the beginning and on numerous adventures. Extremely homesick, however, she was subject to bouts of depression and often excluded herself from combat as he mind was rarely in the moment. Though her powers eventually returned, her focus did not. When her husband Green Arrow was killed in Guiltspur, Canary finally gave up the fight. She spent the remainder of her Golarion days aboard the Watchtower, waiting for her chance to bring Arrow home.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-One

Captain America: Stephen Rogers was captured and imprisoned in the unnamed prison complex which also held Green Arrow and Elixir. He escaped alone some time later, and found himself in the metropolis of Magnimar. With no idea whether or not there were other heroes to be found, he did what he knew best – joined the Magnimar Militia. Though the goverment was loyal to Doom, the Militia was honorable and served the heroic General Sheila Heidmarch. When the other Pathfinders arrived in Magnimar, Rogers greeting them and joined them on many adventures – including hunting for shards of the Sihedron – but maintained loyalties to Magnimar. He aided in the fight against Galactus in Kaer Maga, predominately defending the civilians from harm as they fled the destruction.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-616

Doctor Strange: Dr. Stephen Strange, one of the Founding Eight, had a tumultuous experience on Golarion at best. After the escape from Tartarus II, he joined the others in washing ashore Smuggler’s Hook. When they encountered a shipwreck full of skeletal crewmen, Strange used a divine symbol he had found which mentally coerced him into attacking his allies. Once he regained consciousness, grief-stricken, he left the group for their own safety. In his solo adventures he learned of a Drow Sorcerer named Nolveniss, who controlled the underground city of Celwynvian. He went after Noveniss alone, but the Drow discovered Strange and killed him on the spot. Some time later, Strange’s ghost returned to the Pathfinders and aided them in fighting their way though Celwynvian. The Pathfinders cleared the city and finally defeated Nolveniss, and when they did so Strange absorbed the Drow’s energy – becoming mortal once more. Strange fought in several more adventures, still holding guilt for party members he felt he got killed. Working to find the shards of the Sihedron, the Pathfinders entered the desert base of a band of giants. Its chieftain possessed one shard and, in the process of fighting his entourage, Strange sacrificed himself for an ally. He jumped onto a smilodon, a sabre-toothed cat, which turned and claimed Strange’s life for the last time.
STATUS: Deceased; Killed by Smilodon in Guiltspur

Batman: Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne never adapted to the new world as well as the others. One of the Founding Eight, he arrived with mild amnesia and took a long time to recall his prior skills and aptitudes. While the others adventured across the realm, Batman often relegated himself to research and espionage. Eventually he discovered an orbital space station after tailing an alien ambassador and, after securing the location, dubbed it “The Watchtower.” After the Battle of Celwynvian he spent the remainder of his days aboard the Watchtower, overseeing the Pathfinders and beaming them aboard in emergencies. After Galactus and Doom were defeated, he cleared out the Watchtower and was the last Pathfinder to return home.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-One

Hulk: Bruce Banner was held captive on Tartarus II, but in a lower and more secure level than the other Pathfinders. When they escaped, he was left behind – and it wasn’t until the island crashed into the sea that the transformed Hulk was able to break free and swim away. He washed ashore at the isle of Smuggler’s Hook, where he helped the Pathfinders fight a village full of crazed cannibals. Hulk fell in the battle and, believing he was dead, the Pathfinders buried him. Instead he awoke underground, and later emerged swearing vengeance on those he believed abandoned him. Finding the nearly-dead Flash as his only ally, Hulk nursed him back to health. He since went about his own way, appearing in several battles later on – including against Galactus in Kaer Maga. Though unable to due much against the Devourer, Hulk’s presence bought time for the others to destroy Galactus.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-616

Aquaman: Like the Hulk, Arthur Curry awoke to find himself a prisoner on Tartarus II. As the floating island crashed, Aquaman escaped into the sea. He emerged to aid the Pathfinders fight through and escape Smuggler’s Hook. As the others sailed to the mainland and began new adventures there, Aquaman lingered behind to establish an underwater following that would aid them on their sea-faring quests. His whereabouts since have been unknown.
STATUS: Unknown; Presumed Living on Golarion

Cyclops: Scott Summers had a tragically brief stay on Golarion and with the Pathfinders. He appeared within a summoning circle in Celwynvian, possibly conjured by the undead ogre fought within. He claimed to be seeking his love, Jean Grey, and had no recollection of how he got to Golarion. He allied with the others as they entered a memory-like time warp far below the Drow City, where they came across dopplegangers – clones of themselves. The doppleganger of Batman snuck up behind him and, as Cyclops fought off others, snapped his neck.
STATUS: Deceased; Killed by Doppleganger Batman in Celwynvian

Deadpool: No one knows just how Deadpool got to Golarion, or how long he had been there. He was spotted by the Pathfinders on several occasions prior to meeting him – mostly by the oft-drunken Iron Woman. He finally introduced himself to Spider-Man and Nightwing in the town of Riddleport, as Galactus made his first appearance. He aided the Pathfinders in forcing Galactus to retreat, and since fought primarily in Spider-Man’s “B Group.” He also aided in Galactus’ final appearance, though he had no physical effect on the Devourer. In fact, Galactus mystically froze Deadpool in place until he marched by unharmed. Deadpool’s whereabouts thereafter are unknown.
STATUS: Living; Location Unknown

Dove: Dawn Granger was among the last Pathfinders to join the team, along with Loki. She had arrived like many of the others, a prisoner brought by Doom weeks prior. She somehow managed to survive alone, likely due to a combination of extraordinary martial arts skill and powerful healing abilities. She had found herself captured by the Drow queen Allevrah Azrinae. While held at Azrinae’s fortress on the moon, she overheard Loki plotting with her. Seeing him as an asset of information, she escaped and hijacked his transport vessel, flying into deep space. The vessel, besieged by demons from the Moonscar, crashed onto the orbital Watchtower of the Pathfinders. Dove emerged, bringing her prisoner Loki before the group. She then returned with the others, aiding in finding and defeating Azrinae.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-One

Elixir: The mutant known as Joshua “Elixer” Foley was held prisoner in the same unknown location as Green Arrow, and likely escaped at the same time. He introduced himself to the Pathfinders as they made camp for the night on the shore of Smuggler’s Hook, and offered his healing services. Still very weakened from his incarceration, he did his best to mend the wounds of his allies. On their return to the mainland, Elixir left to help the downtrodden people of Magnimar overcome bouts of disease and malnutrition.
STATUS: Unknown; Presumed Living on Golarion

Havok: Alexander Summers was held prisoner along with Green Arrow and Elixir, but had escaped before them by accidentally destroying his chains. He since undertook a solo campaign to defeat Doctor Doom, but met with little success. Finally he met up with Spider-Man, Deadpool, Wolverine and Huntress as they set off to aid a Dwarven lord. After meeting with the noble, a large hydra crashed onto the outskirts of the city and threatened to destroy the stronghold. The heroes banded together to defeat the beast, but proved no match as the hydra desimated the group and headed into the citadel. Sadly, Havok fell victim to the hydra and its guards – a pack of evil, Dwarven Doomguides.
STATUS: Deceased; Killed by Doomguide at Glimmerhold

Huntress: Having escaped from an unknown prison on Golarion, Huntress soon teamed up with fellow Justice League prisoner Zatanna. The two went on several adventures together before uniting with others during Galactus’ first arrival. With his defeat in the Dark Elf city of Celwynvian, Huntress returned to Earth through a magical portal.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-One

Jenkin Dragonsbane: Often called by his self-appointed moniker Leroy Jenkins, Jenkin was a Dwarf from the northern mountains. An expert at hunting dragons and other magical beasts, he first encountered the Pathfinder splinter group of Wolverine, Spider-man, Huntress, Havok and Deadpool as they journeyed to free a Dwarven kingdom from the threat of an evil enchantress. He later joined with the primary group as they hunted for the shards of the Sihedron. Jenkin was notoriously reckless and unpredictable, often charging into battle – or even away from battle into the distance – at a moment’s notice. When last seen, he shouted his trademark “Leroy Jenkins!” while charging into the desert night.
STATUS: Unknown; Presumed Living on Golarion

Magneto: Originally an Acolyte, Eric Lensherr defected to the Pathfinders on Smuggler’s Hook as the heroes tried to find their way off the island. He wanted Doom defeated for the sheer fact that Doom managed to topple the X-Men mastermind. He aided the Pathfinders in several battles before falling in battle.
STATUS: Deceased; Killed by Swamp Warg on Smuggler’s Hook

Nightwing: Dick Grayson escaped from a Doom prison early on, aided by Spider-Man. The duo became close friends and allies, fighting alongside each other for weeks. When Dark Elves summoned Galactus through a portal near Riverport, the two – along with new arrival Deadpool – fought his entourage and traveled through the summoning portal to Celwynvian, a Drow city. There they joined others in forming a splinter group of Pathfinders, which went on numerous side adventures. This ended when they faced a minion of a Demon God in Kaer Maga.
STATUS: Deceased; Killed by Demon Spawn in Kaer Maga

Spyro: Spyro was a miniscule dragon who was captured by hill giants in the deserts of eastern Golarion. Pathfinders rescued him, and Spyro joined them in their quest to forge the Sihedron. When they arrived in Celwynvian, Spyro met with Hyourinmaru’s mentor and opted to remain by the elder dragon’s side.
STATUS: Living; Location on Golarion Unknown

Spider-Man: Peter Parker escaped from a Doom prison early on, aided by Nightwing. The duo became close friends and allies, fighting alongside each other for weeks. When Dark Elves summoned Galactus through a portal near Riverport, the two – along with new arrival Deadpool – fought his entourage and traveled through the summoning portal to Celwynvian, a Drow city. There they joined others in forming a splinter group of Pathfinders, which went on numerous side adventures. He even fought Galactus in Kaer Maga, but eventually departed to protect the fleeing civilians.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Earth-616

Valhalla Odincousin: Valhalla was a halfling zealously devoted to the other-worldy god Thor. Ostracized for his bizaare beliefs, Valhalla prayed in privacy for “he who wields the mightly Mjolnir” to appear before him. Little did he know Superman would be wielding the weapon at that time. Kal-El appeared in a flash, and after eventually convincing Valhalla he wasn’t the god he was looking for, the two adventured together for weeks. Eventually they regrouped with the other Pathfinders. At last meeting his god and idol, Thor, Valhalla almost never left his side. He did eventually need to defend a city along during the final descent of Galactus, but reunited thereafter. With the war over, Valhalla was allowed to follow Thor to Asgard.
STATUS: Living; Returned to Asgard-616

Vision: Vision was among the Founding Eight members of the Pathfinders, who escaped from the floating prison island of Tartarus II. As they fled, the Acolytes gave chase and a mid-air battle ensued. Vision and the Pathfinders lost the battle, and their airship crashed into the ocean. Vision was nearly destroyed, and floated on the surface. One Acolyte, Maggott, threw down a can of food to the adrift Pathfinders – striking Vision on the head and causing him to sink. Though some claim to have seen him in the months that followed, there was never again a confirmed sighting of the android.
STATUS: Unknown; Presumed Dead

Vraxim.jpgVraxim the Harper: Unlike most of the other Pathfinders, Vraxim was neither a superhero – nor really a hero at all. Vraxim was a tiefling bard who was rescued be the Pathfinders as they fought their way through Celwynvian. Offering his services in exchange for their protection, he sang songs to bolster the group. Greedy and seemly devoid of common morals, he nearly betrayed the group on several occasions for the possibility of a gold reward. Sadly during an attack within a time-warp beneath Celwynvian, Vraxim fell to a group of ninja-like Nightstalkers.
STATUS: Deceased; Killed by Nightstalker in Celwynvian

Wonder Woman: Diana Prince was among the only Pathfinders who was summoned be forces other than Doctor Doom. Allevrah Azrinae, head of one of the largest Dark Elf families in the realm, magically summoned any divine beings with a connection to the Pathfinders who continued to foil her plans. Wonder Woman was the chosen victim. After being tortured for information for weeks, the Pathfinders eventually found and freed her. She aided the heroes as they fought through the lunar region known as the Moonscar, at last facing Azrinae herself. Unfortunately the still-weakened Amazon was no match for the powerful Drow sorceress, and was vaporized by a disintegration spell mere feet away from Superman – who could only watch in horror.
STATUS: Deceased; Killed by Allevrah Azrinae in Moonscar


Other heroes have come and gone throughout the former Pathfinders’ adventures. All have returned to their respective homes, and aided in some way against the forces of Doom and Allevrah Azrinae.

  • Blink (Earth-616)
  • Wolverine (Earth-616)
  • Zatanna (Earth-One)

Former Pathfinders

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