Former Acolytes

Not all superheroes and villains brought to Golarion by Doctor Doom came as prisoners. Doom gave all he approached a choice – become his Acolyte and enjoy his riches and protection, or resist and suffer his wrath. Families were threatened. Wealth was offered. In the end, many chose to ally themselves with Doom and fight against the Pathfinders.

In the end, nearly all Acolytes perished – either at the hands of each other, the Pathfinders or, more commonly, to the ravages of the wild and untamed world of Golarion.


  • Achilles (Earth-One)
  • Beast Boy (Earth-One)
  • Black Widow (Earth-2014)
  • Dark Phoenix (Earth-616)
  • Deathstroke (Earth-One)
  • Doomsday (Earth-One)
  • Green Goblin (Earth-616)
  • Harald Jaekelsson (Earth-616)
  • Etrigan (Earth-One)
  • Lady Deadpool (Earth-616)
  • Maggott (Earth-616)
  • Poison Ivy (Earth-One)
  • Gambit (Earth-616)
  • Rogue (Earth-616)
  • Scarecrow (Earth-One)
  • Malekith (Earth-616)

Former Acolytes

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