New Asgard


After another day of resting and preparing, the Pathfinders continued their arduous climb up the Fallen Tower. Hawkman remained on the Watchtower with Doctor Fate, aiding in the rebuilding and resupply of the orbital station while the remainder beamed to the planet below. One of the figures that teleported in from Earth was Kent “Superboy” Connor, who offered his services to the group in the fight against the undead infesting Gossamer Keep.

Superboy led the exploration of the tower. Wielding a powerful greataxe left behind by the former Pathfinders, he cleaved his way through. Still weakened by his arrival, he took considerable damage in his first skirmish. The others rallied to defeat the skeletons in the room, with Jonah Hex soon running out of bullets and damaging his rifle. After a brief rest, they continued upward. The third floor contained several burning skeletons performing some kind of macabre ritual on the charred remains of their victims. Ingeniously, Spectre recommended they lure the skeletons to the water-logged lower level. When the undead gave chase, their fiery auras were doused long enough for the Pathfinders to pummel them to the ground.

On the fourth floor, Jonah Hex stepped into a seemingly empty barracks – save for a little girl sitting on one of the beds. The girl, whom Hex had seen in the compound before, invited him to play and seemed both nonviolent and lonely. The others filed into the room and noticed skeletons resting in the beds. The girl warned them not to wake the corpses and spoke in hushed tones. She told them she had been alone ever since the “bad men” came into the keep, possibly Loki’s raiding party. To combat her loneliness she summoned a being called Evanog, who resided upstairs.

As the girl told of her woes, Batman discovered an adjoining room with a truly horrid sight within. The dark and foul-smelling room looked like a hideous blend of prison and altar. Holding cells lined the walls, though no prisoners filled them. Instead a heap of bodies lied sprawled over a central slab, their throats ritualistically cut. On closer inspection, Batman could see most of the victims were children. All were dressed in play clothes and clutched crudely-fashioned toys and dolls. Joining in on the disgust and horror was Jonah Hex, who spotted the mortal remains of the undead girl in the heap. Wanting to give her a proper burial, he picked her up and began to carry her off. Presented with the sight of her own corpse, the girl screamed and revealed her true cadaverous form. She screamed and attacked, doing little damage to Hex but silencing and exhausting him with her touch. Hex retreated into the room with the bodies while the rest rushed in to combat the girl and the now-awakened skeletons. After a long and brutal fight, the Pathfinders destroyed the armed skeletons. The girl, wounded, ran crying up to the top floor. Rather and pursue, the depleted Pathfinders decided to let her go for now and regroup.

Jonah Hex and Spectre returned to the Watchtower for supplies and ammunition, while Batman and Superboy remained behind to ensure no enemy reinforcements arrived. From a nearby room, however, a flesh golem lumbered in. Batman and Superboy rushed over and surrounded the construct, coordinating to divide its attention and flank it. Within moments they had destroyed the creature, once more ensuring a night of rest and peace.

The next morning Hex and Spectre returned, fully loaded and ready to proceed. Together the quartet marched to the fifth and top floor. There the frightened girl pointed out the intruders to what could only be Evanog – a blue-skinned pixie who darted around a centralized throne.

“Your efforts mean nothing,” the insane fey squealed. “Darkness always prevails! Ghlaunder requires sacrifice of the innocent. You will have to do for now.” The pixie then went invisible, firing on Superboy and others in safety. Superboy and Batman rushed the girl, and after a few moments reused their coordination to silence her once and for all. Evanog, removed of his anchor and sole worshiper, revealed himself in a fury. The Pathfinders swarmed him, finding their physical attacks nearly useless against the fey’s magical skin. Spectre used his magic to bind Evanog, rendering him motionless as the others surrounded him. Tapping into their old strength, a mythic reserve of power, they swung and managed to damage Evanog. Batman and Superboy pummeled him into submission. Not wanting to take any chances, Jonah Hex stepped up and fired a bullet into the creature’s head.

Finally, after days of fighting, the Pathfinders had claimed Gossamer Keep.


Chris: 7500 XP
Daniel: 8300 XP
Jordan: 7500 XP
Larry: 5800 XP

Into the Fire

Having dealt with the alien menace aboard the Watchtower, Aa’rya beamed most of the new Pathfinders to the ruins of Gossamer Keep. Doctor Fate remained behind to meditated and assist in what rebuilding efforts he could while Batman, Jonah Hex, Hawkman and Spectre went planetside.

Arriving at night, the Pathfinders set about exploring the ruins. Jonah Hex scouted out several huts alone. While in one he encountered a vision of a young girl. The girl started asking him personal questions about his abusive father, delving into Hex’ scarred mind. Just as abruptly as she appeared, however, she vanished.

Spectre had his own vision. While praying, the ground gave way and he found himself before the epic and flaming visage of Asmodeus – Lord of the Abyss and God of Damnation. Asmodeus, enraged at the arrival of a new god and his beacon of light, threatened and intimidated Spectre – before being interrupted by the Pathfinders, who were moving on.

The group explored the central longhouse – a large gathering place containing tables and meager supplies, but showing no signs of struggle. With the location secure, it looked to be an ideal meeting hall once Gossamer Keep has been secured.

Lastly the Pathfinders marched on the partially-destroyed Fallen Tower. Unlike the rest of the ruins, the tower was most assuredly occupied. As they drew near, two fearsome barghests growled from within. Their magic befuddled the mind of Jonah Hex, who wandered off aimlessly. Batman and Hawkman left Spectre alone, and the barghests attacked. Within seconds they had overwhelmed Aztar, who fell and nearly died. Hawkman rushed to his side and clobbered one with his morningstar, but it seemed to have little effect against the creature’s magically thick hide. Within moments the beasts had turned and managed to fell even the mighty Hawkman. Jonah regained his senses and fired on the barghests, but the bullets bounced off them harmlessly. Batman attempted to throw one of his batarangs, but threw out his shoulder and exhausted himself.

As the barghests prepared to finish off the party, Batman signaled up to Aa’yla – who had luckily been watching. She beamed aboard the fractured group and rushed them to the medical bay for healing. Doctor Fate aided in their recovery and, when they were ready to return, cast magic on their weapons to make them more effective against the barghests. The Pathfinders beamed back down during the day, prepared and ready. They took positions outside the tower and attacked as the barghests rushed out. Things looked bad for the group from the onset as the beasts overwhelmed them later on. However, thanks to magically-imbued weapons, they were more effective in damaging them.

The barghests, though injured, managed to once again subdue Hawkman and then Spectre. One died before the second chased down Jonah Hex and rendered him helpless and bleeding. Batman retreated but the barghests followed. In a tense and close combat, Batman exchanged punches with the claws and jaws of the barghests. In the end Batman landing a solid blow to the barghest’s jaw, knocking it unconscious. Weakened and alone, Batman again signaled to Aa’rya for a pick up.

After taking another day to recover, the Pathfinders returned to Gossamer Keep. They entered the tower, where Spectre and Jonah uncovered a swarm of spiders while searching for valuables. Though rather weak and potentially harmless, the group was ill-equipped to combat a swarm and was forced to retreat. The Spectre quickly focused and used magic to summon an anteater, while attacked the spiders until it was overwhelmed. Spectre fell back and used a torch to light the webbing, flash-baking the room and killing the remaining spiders.

They continued to the second floor of the tower, where they entered unto an armory filled with skeletal warriors. The skeletons actually showed to be the most manageable of the opponents yet faced, and after a brief skirmish were destroyed and crumbled to dust. The group debated on whether to rest, but Hawkman wanted to explore one last room. He opened the door to the south wing where he spotted another skeleton placing an item into a metal container. As Hawkman rushed the undead, however, the weakened floor gave way. The two fell amidst a landslide of falling rocks back to the first floor. Injured but still in fighting condition, Hawkman stood and finished off the skeleton. Batman inspected the metal box for traps, but failed to see the trigger. As he opened it, the box ignited from with – incinerating whatever scroll or material was being hidden inside.

The Pathfinders examined the north wing of the second floor. There they spotted five more skeletons, ready for battle within an old study. Puddles covered the floor of the dank and destroyed room, and the skeletons roared with evil fury…


Chris: 5800 XP
Daniel: 6000 XP
Andrew: 5400 XP
Jordan: 5400 XP
Larry: 5800 XP

Out of the Frying Pan

Half of the new Pathfinder team leaped into the portal to Golarion. Along the way, an alien race known as the Phalanx swarmed the “Watchtower” orbiting the planet. The invasion caused a rift in the teleportation sequence, and the heroes found themselves weakened and scattered across the outpost. Batman, the first to awaken, stood conveniently near the Watchtower’s control panel. Using the station’s cameras, he located the other Pathfinders – Jonah Hex, Hawkman, Spectre and Doctor Fate.

Before he could take off to find them, one of the Phalanx soldiers spotted him. Sounding an alarm, the aliens attacked – wounding Batman. The Dark Knight reciprocated, but still disoriented from his arrival found his attacks rather ineffective. He burst through a nearby dormitory door, where Jonah Hex laid unconscious on a bed. He roused the scarred cowboy just as Phalanx surrounded them. Jonah instinctively rose to his feet and drew his pistol, opening fire on the invaders. A firefight ensued and Batman rushes to his next teammate.

In the next room, Doctor Fate laid in a turbolift. Batman, taking more damage, rushed over to rouse him. Fate immediately healed some of Batman’s wounds and aided him in subduing the alien assailant, whom Batman later interrogated. Meanwhile Hex single-handedly whittled down the Phalanx’ numbers until the trio cleared the level. They revived Hawkman in another room and devised a plan for the lower levels.

Batman realized the aliens were damaged by salt water. Jonah Hex and Fate gathered what salt they could find in the kitchens and slipped them into the sprinkler system as Hawkman engaged the aliens in combat. Taking heavy damage, Hawkman plowed through the forces until Batman activated the sprinkler systems, locking specific doors to corral the aliens and send them into chaos. The water revived Spectre, who joined Hawkman against the Phalanx. He took out a few of them with a flurry of unarmed attacks, then channeled his divine energy to heal Hawkman and Fate.

Finally the Pathfinders converged on the room in which their contact – Ms. Aa’yla – was being held prisoner and interrogated. Fate granted Spectre invisibility, allowing him to slip inside and heal Aa’yla. Hawkman burst in and took out her captors, finally freeing the former assistant to Natasha Stark.

Restoring Aa’yla and the wounded Pathfinders to full health, Spectre goes into a deep meditation to restore his powers. Meanwhile the leader of the Phalanx, Akata, calls out Batman on the intercom system from within his locked room.

“We were promised this vessel by the King of Korvosa, and it is rightfully ours. You are the intruders here. Our honor will not be insulted. I demand to face your leader in combat, without interference from either forces. If not, we will continue to fight until our souls return to the stars.” Akata waited on a response…


Chris P: 3400 XP
Daniel M: 3400 XP
Chris R: 2000 XP
Andrew: 3000 XP
Jordan L: 3000 XP
Larry H: 3400


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