New Asgard

Total Eclipse of the Groot

Deducing that Poison Ivy and her crew headed across the plain, the Pathfinders set off in pursuit. They traveled four hours across the featureless valley, with only flocks of mist birds and purple bison to break up the monotony. Batman and Soectre examined The road for any sign of hidden divergences. Sure enough they spotted a concealed side path and set out over the hills.

image.jpgby sunset they came across an odd sight – A carnival run by a handful of clown-masked thugs. Batman went in to investigate and came across a group mugging one of the locals. Batman interceded, throwing down a poison smokebomb – which knocked out several of the thugs – and retreated with their victim. Once at a safe distance, the Pathfinders questioned the Suli commoner, Biyo. Biyo explained that four Outsiders – Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Riddler and Scarecrow – had come through several days prior. The villains cleaned several villages along the way, including Wander – which was rebuilt by Harley into the carnival. Biyo also offered to take them to the metropolis of Primus, where Gorum – the God of Battle – resided.

Deciding against engaging Harley and her minions, the heroes opted to keep moving. Biyo led them across the valley once more, where they made camp for the night. After a restful nights sleep, the travelers heard a thundering from above. The mechanical sun and moon became jammed in an artificial eclipse. image.jpg soon a horde of the avernal ghouls materialized from nowhere. They swarmed the party, paralyzing Batman and Biyo with their vicious claws. Fate cast a few spells before flying up toward the eclipse. Down below, Groot grew to double his size while Hex opened fire on both the ghouls and the lodged moon – having no success with the latter. Spector both healed the injured and channeled waves of energy to vaporize the ghouls. At every moment more and more of the creatures appeared, gradually beginning to overwhelm the Pathfinders.

Batman recovered and flew up to assist Fate. He tried to pull the machines apart with brute strength, but to no avail. He did, however, discover a note left by none other than the Riddler. It read:

“This engulfing thing is strange indeed.
The Carrader it grows, the less you see."

Resolving the clue as “Darkness,” Fate cast a darkness spell on the eclipse. With the ominous red light neutralized, the ghouls no longer appeared below. Batman flew down to grab Groot, and with his mighty aid they were able to pry the celestial cogs apart.

Following several more uneventful hours of walking, they at last reached Primus. The magnificent, multi tiered citadel rose above an artificial and crystalline lake. Inside the Pathfinders were met with curiosity by the planar beings, but no hostility. Some of the locals asked if the Outsiders had come “to help the Pathfinders” – alluding to the prospect that Poison Ivy and company were being perceived as allies, or perhaps even heroes.


Chris: 67,100 XP
Daniel: 70,050 XP
Jordan: 70,050 XP
Koji: 57,050

Fate: 67,100



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