New Asgard

Shard of the Beyond

After resting briefly, Batman and Fate ventured on with their new allies Nightcrawler and Elixir. The entered the next room, which was a massive and dimly-lit chamber. The floor was inky black water, through which swam several large and vicious eels. Batman and Nightcrawler quickly vanished and reappeared on the central pedestal of the room. There they spotted several Serpentfolk guards, moments before they themselves were spotted. The Sekh sounded the alarm and Batman flew over, taking them out gradually with a flurry of punches and kicks. Nightcrawler teleported one of the guards into the water, where they were both set upon by the eels.

Doctor Face tried to lend his support, but found his magic was not as potent as he had hoped. Nightcrawler, wounded by the eel, teleported away to heal and jumped back into the fray. Elixir, bewildered, did his best to heal and protect himself while remaining out of harms way.

All seemed to going well until an invisible mage cast a suggestion spell on Fate, urging him to fall back. Fate repeated the suggestion, inexplicably calling for the retreat. Batman tried to reason with his Justice League mate, but it was no use. Fate and the others began to retreat while the mage, joined by another, blasted them with powerful spells. The Pathfinders made a mad dash for the exit, then behind closed doors argues amongst one another.

After several minutes, Batman pulled rank and ordered Fate and the others back into the room. They opened the door and were welcomed by a massive fireball. The explosion knocked Fate unconscious immediately, and nearly did the same for Elixir. Batman proved too nimble and Nightcrawler oddly resistant to the flames to be harmed. Nightcrawler teleported into the room, knocking the visible mage into the water to be ripped in half by the eels. Nightcrawler and Batman returned to fighting the Sekh guards. There one of the eels latched onto the blue mutant, dragging him underwater. Batman jumped into the water and quickly pulled his new ally to safety.

Meanwhile the second mage, still invisible, cast balls of fire and storms of ice on Fate and Elixir. The two exchanged healing spells on one another, trying to keep each other alive. Elixir nearly froze in the chaos, unfamiliar with such battles. Through the confusion Fate cast a spell that allowed him to see his invisible opponent, then with a single beam of fire blasted him out of the air and into the dark water. Batman helped revived Nightcrawler and, the conflict over, reconvened with the others.

The Pathfinders, wary of reinforcements, quickly searched the center room of the chamber. Inside glowing crystals provided dim, blue illumination. Rich tapestries hanging on the walls depicted Sekh armies sweeping through subterranean vaults, slaughtering everything in their path in an wave of bloodshed and destruction. A large pedestal, apparently crafted from bones, sat against the curving outer wall of the room.

Atop the pedestal was a vibrant, cylindrical crystal that glowed in a deep purple light. Fate and Batman deduced that it was the Shard of Space, or Shard of the Beyond, which they had been seeking. Having never seen one, however, they couldn’t be sure. Still, they took it with them. Amongst the sparse trappings of the small room, they also discovered a small plaque near the pedestal. The cryptic message on Sekh read simply:


Omega Shard in hand, the Pathfinders retreated to the dungeons where they helped the prisoners prepare to leave. Yet at the last moment, they turned and ran into a most unwelcome face.

Loki Laufeyson, self-proclaimed king of New Asgard, stood before them. With a coy grin he thanked the Pathfinders for obtaining the Shard – an act which prevented him from breaking his vow not to do so himself. He asked for the Shard, but the heroes refused.

Loki instead changed tactics. He claimed that all he needed was the use of the Shard, and that who held it was irrelevant. He would, however, need the Shard to cast the spell that would bring them all back to New Asgard (Korvosa). When the Pathfinders appeared reluctant, Loki offered a green Shard of his own – which the group presumed was another Omega Shard – in exchange. The Pathfinders surprisingly agreed to the exchange, and Loki opened a portal to the capital city as promised. When he vanished, however, the green shard dispersed in a tuft of smoke – a mere illusion.

Left without the prize they had fought so hard for, the Pathfinders and the civilians in their care stepped through the portal. They arrived back in New Asgard, empty-handed but alive.


Chris: 64,400 XP
Daniel: 64,400 XP
Jordan: 64,400 XP

Fate: 64,400 XP


brutal. Fate should have locked Loki out with his force-box.

Shard of the Beyond

Or you guys could’ve just said “No thanks, Loki. We’ll just take the Watchtower back. See you there.”


Shard of the Beyond

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