New Asgard

Plan C

Having returned to New Asgard, the Pathfinders were welcomed into Castle Korvosa to rest and recharge. Nightcrawler, Elixir and Doctor Fate accepted the hospitality and slept for the night. Batman, however, had other plans. He stealthily patrolled the castle, investigating clues as to the Omega Shards and their use. He came to the open courtyard, where Amora debriefed a squad of soldiers. They were to accompany Loki into Elysium as their primary plan, but should prepare for a preemptive strike. Batman later eavesdropped on Loki and Mystique where he confirmed their intentions. Loki reiterated than only one who was both mortal and immortal could use the Omega Shards, and if The Order was to try and stop him they would need Thor to fulfill that requirement. Expecting to face his step-brother in battle, Loki ordered Mystique to search Thor for the Shard of Time. This had been his plan all along, to force the gods of the Order into using their own Shard to defend themselves. It was a gamble he would need the Pathfinders alive for, to support him in the conflict.

The next morning, Loki began casting a planar shift spell to Elysium. Within moments, thunder rumbled from above and a pillar of light descended from them. There stood Thor, with the archon Astora to aid him. The long-lost Asgardian demanded Loki stand down, and when Laufeyson refused a great battle ensued. Guards descended on Thor as Loki transformed Astora into a harmless dove. The mighty Thor shrugged off the attacks, blasting the guards with lightning from above and the swing of his hammer – a temporary replacement for Mjolnir. Batman immediately turned on Loki, attempting to wrest the Shards from his grasp. However Loki’s visage was just an illusion, and Batman soon found himself set upon by guards as well. Elixir and Nightcrawler watched the battle from the sidelines, and Fate plotted what to do next.

Suddenly another player entered the melee. Jonah Hex, using the Well of Worlds, transported in. He carried with him none other than the Shard of Time. Just how he had acquired it was both a long story and a mystery. Upon arrival, however, the invisible Loki sensed the shard’s presence. He controlled Hex and forced him to hand it over. As Hex fired at his teammates to keep them at bay, Loki fused the shards into a single form. The Omega Key was reforged.

A bright light burst forth, launching a pillar of fire into the sky. At the clouds it exploded into a flaming orb before vanishing. A moment later, a dozen trailing embers like shooting stars descend in silence. The meteor shower rains down, landing dispersed across the landscape. Loki had used the Omega Key.

Nightcrawler finally launched into action, teleporting to where Loki stood and tried several times to seize the key – but to no avail. Batman and Fate approached as well, and finally Loki exploded with magical energy. The sunburst spell nearly killed Fate and Astora immediately, and blinded Batman. The others endured the powerful spell with better success. Thor and Loki argued for a moment, with Loki claiming that his actions just saved Asgard. Without pity or sympathy, the Pathfinders continued their attack. Batman, though blinded, managed to grapple the Omega Key from Loki. Fate used magic to summon it to him.

The Pathfinders continued playing Keep Away with the ancient artifact until Hex remembered his magical shoes. Using them to teleport everyone but Elixir to safety, Hex and the others vanished in a puff of red smoke. Loki approached Elixir and prepared to deliver a killing blow as vengeance for the treachery and theft. At the last second, however, Joshua Foley vanished in a beam of light.

Elixir reappeared in the Watchtower, where Aa’rya awaited him. Though they could scarcely believe it themselves, the Pathfinders felt victorious that day.


Chris: 70,400 XP
Daniel: 70,400 XP
Jordan: 70,400 XP

Fate: 70,400 XP


I love it when a plan comes together.

Plan C

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