New Asgard

Immortal Enemies

After the heroes parted ways with Gorum, rejoined by a fully-powered Batman, they gathered supplies in Primus before setting of for the Mindstone Mountains. Along the way, Spectre felt a sudden urge to summon the agents of Sarenrae. Surely if one deity could restore Batman’s strength, another could do the same for the rest. They landed at the snow-covered mountain peaks and Spectre, against the last-second objection from Fate, offered up a prayer to the goddess of the sun.

A bright portal appeared and out stepped a dozen solar archons, radiating power and light. Soon a beautiful and tall woman appeared, with pure white wings and long golden hair. She introduced herself as none other than Sarenrae, and thanked the heroes for their assistance. With a brief discussion she agreed to the request in strengthening the others, but first they must get the Omega Gem from within the mountains out of the hands of Loki’s acolytes. She also confirmed that the gods of Elysium do indeed have Thor Odinson prisoner, and will continue to hold him until all the Omega shards are returned to their native planes. Thor, she claimed, threatened violence from Asgard for some unknown transgression. Thor had spoken to Loki beforehand and, in all likelihood, Laufeyson explained that “The Order” of Golarion was preparing to move against the other gods. Thor then, in all likelihood, tried to put a stop on the aggression himself.

With no choice but to continue on, the party traveled for hours through the frozen peaks. They eventually came to a ruined temple built into the mountains. Beyond the entrance lied a hall wider than an open field and mostly devoid of illumination. The chill reigning outside had claimed the room through an open portal to the east. Through that opening, light fell on what appeared to be a gigantic pit in the hall’s center. As the outsiders drew closer, the room seemed to grow darker. Lighting sunrods, Hex and Groot stepped forward to examine the pit.

A hooded figure with piercing yellow and eyes and syringe-like fingers rose for the darkness. “Thank you, heroes, for finally joining us,” Scarecrow cackled. “I wish the welcome could be warmer. But we have the situation well in hand. But should you wish to stay, I’m sure we can accommodate.”

Instant caught in an aura of terror, Hex and Groot dropped their sunrods and raced from the temple with all haste. The others moved in. Suddenly Spectre heard a menacing whisper from an unseen figure. “Your allies are agents of chaos. Put them down.” Coerced into compliance, Spectre immediately rushed outside and attacked Fate. Unprepared, Fate tried to flee but Spectre pursued and rendered the mage unconscious and nearly dead. Batman, having turned himself invisible via new controls on his Batsuit, charged Scarecrow. He leaped into the hair, and with a solid knee strike collided into the figure – which burst into dust. It was a decoy.

Hex and Groot eventually stopped running and turned back. They ran into Spectre, who began channeling energy which corroded their flesh. Furious, Hex unleashed a flurry of bullets – which mystically harmed the ghost. The two engaged in a tense battle, while Groot did his best to fire arrows from a distance. Batman tried to revive Fate with a healing wand, but accidentally overpowered it. Instead his force-fed him a healing potion and ran off to aid in the civil battle some distance away. Launching into the fray, he pummeled Spectre – causing the ghost to use up much of his healing.

While the heroes fought each other, the real Scarecrow hustled out into the snow with a vicious scythe trailing behind. He removed Fate’s helmet and, with one brutal blow, decapitated Doctor Fate himself. Spectre at last snapped out of his delirium, having just killed Hex, and immediately brought him back to life. He then streaked toward Fate with incredible speed and, at the last moment, healed him enough to restore life.

Wounded, weary and furious with one another, the Pathfinders retreated to the archway warding the mountains. There, guarded by three Archons left behind when Sarenrae teleported away, the motley crew set up camp for the night.


Chris: 67,100 XP
Daniel: 70,050 XP
Jordan: 70,050 XP
Koji: 57,050

Fate: 67,100



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